Join us now to develop professional mentoring relationships with others in our organization to expand your networks, fine tune your leadership capabilities, and get in-depth support for setting the course for your Coast Guard career!

1:1 Mentoring Program

Ready to take your career development to the next level? Join the One to One mentoring program where you will learn new skill sets and gain insights from senior leaders.

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The Communities Marketplace

Looking for a way to network while building key skills?
Join the The Communities Marketplace where you can find a peer-run mentoring group on topics and skills important to your unique learning needs.

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Fresh Perspectives: Insight from Future Leaders

The Fresh Perspectives track offers a unique opportunity and modern approach to mentoring.

Traditional mentoring pairs senior leaders with more junior personnel however, the New Coast Guard Mentoring Program is flipping the script by empowering emerging leaders to share their insight and point of view in a group setting with senior leadership!  These groups will create an inclusive work environment, bridging gaps and eliminating generational barriers to create a synergy of skills and abilities that will benefit the Coast Guard as a whole.

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Flash Mentoring 

Flash Mentoring or one-time/speed mentoring, allows participants to achieve short-term objectives by providing insight on specific issues or topics. This modern mentoring track is focused on time-efficient, knowledge sharing from mentors who have the experience mentees are seeking. Flash Mentoring helps participants learn job related skills, gain cross-specialty knowledge, and build stronger networks with no minimum time commitments!
If you’re looking for a flexible learning experience, participating in Flash Mentoring is a great solution! Enroll in the Flash Mentoring track and gain knowledge and connections from this unique, one-time mentoring opportunity!

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"Find a mentor. When you get that mentor, reach behind you,
and grab somebody else to help them up."

BMCS Malia Chasteen, USCG

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